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Premium fur coat collection – 2016

Storms are coming, snow is stacking and temperatures are dropping. Yes! Winter is definitely here and fur coat is the best way to cope. Fur coats were the highlight of the runways of 2015 autumn and winter fashion shows. Coats ranging from the iconic black fox fur, to Russian sable and from the raccoon trapeze swing, to a knee-length mink, all caught the attention of the fashion world perpetuating the fact that if you wish to make a lasting impact, nothing works quite so readily as a fur coat.

Wearing fur upholds the grace and presence one feels effortlessly floating from a day ‘activity’ to an evening ‘soiree’.  This comfortable versatility fits perfectly well with today’s lifestyle as even a bit of fur trim can transform a ready-to-wear or an outerwear garment to a superb distinctive piece.

There are no rules when it comes to colour this season. For example, the many natural mutations of fox offers a broad range of interesting and beautiful shades.  Add a colour rinse and you get luscious colourations with the natural markings peeking through for added textural appeal. Richly dyed fox in hues from soft pastels to deep jewel tones, deep black or bright white add drama and va-va-voom.

We at Thalia Furs can tailor or restyle any fur coat of your choice, whether your inspiration came from fashion week runways or entirely out of your imagination, We can make it a reality. New or vintage fur, modern take or classic, knee length, mid length or maxi length, figure-hugging or over-sized cocoon style, long haired or sheered, we at Thalia furs can assist you with styling through the use of surprisingly versatile patterns, contrasting colours and innovative adaptations to turn the ordinary

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