Fur cleaning

fur cleaning service in London

Fur cleaning and storing is essential for protecting the quality of your fur garments. Valuable fur garments left in a home closet can be exposed to humidity or dryness, heat, and all the unwelcome odours, mothballs and insects that come with it.

We recommend fur cleaning and glazing as an annual routine before storing it for the spring and summer. Fur cleaning and glazing is essential for protecting the natural luster and supple texture of your fur garments and should only be carried out by a professional furrier and not a dry cleaner. Fur glazing and moisturising keeps moisture and shine of the fur as well as preserving the leather underside and interior lining.  This process will also prevent hairs from sticking together at the base in a way that creates “dirty” unattractive appearance and the inside leather from cracking and drying. We also include moth proofing with most of our fur cleaning service.

Combined with adequate fur storage, properly cleaned and glazed fur will maintain its lustrous glow and stay silky and naturally radiant for many years to come.

Our Fur Cleaning Process:

  • A fur professional will inspect your coat for stains, rips and tears. The linings are hand-cleaned with specific attention to spots and stains.
  • The fur is then placed in a large drum filled with sawdust and an environmentally safe cleaning solution. The coat is tumbled in this drum which draws the dirt and oils from the fur. The coat is then vacuumed to remove the sawdust and finally, hand steamed to remove any final residue.
  • Mothproofing is also accomplished by a special treatment at the above stage.
  • The next process involves “electrifying” the coat. Using large rollers, electricity used to make each hair lift, separate and lie in the same direction. It is similar to static electricity that makes each of our hairs stand separately on our heads.
  • Depending on the fur type and condition, glazing may be necessary to bring out the natural luster and sheen of the garment after it has been cleaned. It involves a steaming and ironing process.

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