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Bespoke Fur

If you are looking for a bespoke fur coat, gilet or jacket that is elegant and distinctive, our team of experts can custom design and construct that exclusive piece just the way you envisioned it. Whether your inspiration came from the red carpet or fashion week runways, we at Thalia furs will be happy to guide you through the creative process of designing a bespoke fur garment using hand-selected materials, trims, and colours.

Fur garments can make a fantastic choice and are perfect for almost any occasion; sometimes chic,  sometimes casual and sometimes sophisticated. Choosing the right fur garment not only enhances your look but also creates a desirable fashion statement.

Making fur garments from client’s mere imaginations require skilled craftsmanship and design savviness, not to mention a significant commitment of time. Usually creating a unique and exclusive fur garment from scratch can take up to seven weeks. Danny (our head furrier) is a master fur artisan, utilising his workshop innovative techniques and current technology along with traditional craftsmanship. He has decades of experience in all aspects of production from selecting the highest quality fur pelts to impeccable garment construction.

We at Thalia furs are able to offer you a wide range of bespoke fur types such as mink, sheared mink, fox, fin raccoon along with chinchilla, chinchilla rex, castor rex, rabbit, karakul and sable, at most large spectacular of colour pallets from classic white, pearl, sapphire, pastel to silver blue, violet, mahogany, blue iris and black.


Our most bespoke products include: Fur coats, fur jackets, fur gilets, fur shawls, fur stoles, fur hats, fur headbands, fur throws and more. We can also custom make fur scarfs, fur hood-trims, fur collars, fur cuffs and fur handbags to match your style.

There is literally nothing we can’t make in fur so let your imagination run wild!