Fur Accessories

Premium fur accessory collection - 2018

No wardrobe is complete without a fur accessory. Fur accessories add chic and luxe without giving up cosiness and warmth. Whether it is the iconic Russian Sable Floppy Fur Hat or Chinchilla Scarf, Fox Earmuffs or Mink Wrap, Thalia Furs can make it to perfection to enhance your look 360 degrees fold!

Fur has also emerged as a luscious, seductive element in the realm of décor and puts the sublime into home furnishing. Fur is durable, practical and has that soft characteristic that is simply unmatchable. Luxurious hardly defines fur elements in décor. Our home décor collection includes pillow/cushion covers, throws, and mats all adding a new dimension to interior design.

We can also convert your old fur coats into lovely throws or pillow/cushion covers.

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