fur redesign

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Thalia furs offer full fur alteration and remodelling service. Because of the durability of fur, the growing trend is for many young women to snatch up their mother’s and grandmother’s hand-me-downs and use their creativity to transform them into styles that accommodate their modern lifestyles.

The availability of used fur in the current market has spurned on the creativity of fur remodelling and the modern popular idea of renovation.

We are excited to enable this new creative platform and the chance to stretch out your wardrobe whilst making you feel fabulous with an emphasis on style, warmth, comfort, and class.

We’ve identified a few key trends that keep surfacing when clients are looking to update and remodel their furs. Here are some ideas:

Too big & boxy or too cinched – Turning that vintage coat into contemporary shaped jackets, a gilet or even a sporty fur stroller with a hood, is now a possibility. We now can resize your fur garments, soften the shoulders, and raise or lower armholes giving them a shorter silhouette. Shorter silhouettes bring just as much bang for your buck and still deliver warmth and ease of mobility. The shorter length lends itself well to pairing with more casual looks including denim and cross-over athletic wear; while still delivering that polished glamorous look to an evening dress. Let us update the style, fit, and looks of your fur completely, a total fur make-over.

Adding fur to non-fur coats such as wool or cashmere – Whether its fur collar or fur handcuffs, adding fur to non-fur coats or dresses adds a touch of elegance and turns them into timeless garments.

Home décor – Fur has emerged as a luscious, seductive element in the realm of home decor and puts the sublime into home furnishing. We can create beautiful fur pillows/cushions and throws from your unwanted vintage fur coats or fur leftovers.

Creating soft and silky feel – Shearing down your mink coat (taking off the top hairs) will leave you with a soft and silky feel a turning it into a mink lined raincoat.