Caring for Fur Garments

Once you’ve brought your fur piece home, there are several ways to reduce the typical musty smell. A good old-fashioned outdoor airing will freshen it up a bit. For more persistent smells, hang the piece in a plastic garment bag, and add a small, open bag of fresh coffee grounds at the bottom. Seal, and let the coat hang for three days. Once complete, the coffee will have absorbed the odours, and your coat will retain a coffee smell only for a few more days. In addition, if you have any reason to be concerned about moths, hang professional common clothes moth traps/ pheromone glue boards around your house and cupboards. Please note, pheromone traps should not be considered as the sole treatment method for moth infestations. For established infections use the traps in combination with insecticide kits or seek professional advise. We also offer free moth proofing and de-mothing with our fur cleaning services. Click here for more information.

For day to day storage, keep your fur piece hanging loosely in a dark, cool cupboards – sunlight and compression can damage or discolour the hairs. If it gets wet, simply hang the coat in an open space (not touching anything) and allow to dry. During the summer, hang fur in a breathable cloth garment bag and store in a cool, dry, dark place. If you can afford it, have your coat professionally stored in the off season by your local furrier. (Sorry we do not currently offer storage in our facilities.)

A well-treated fur can last for a lifetime. Now, enjoy the rest of the snowy season, and let us know if you make any noteworthy vintage fur discoveries!

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